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Cutting-edge equipment, old-fashioned service

By Cindy O’Brien, Publisher - Behind the Money (

It’s not unusual for Trevor Dillman, part owner of Blueline New Holland, to get telephone calls well into the evening. When he does, it’s generally a farmer with a mechanical problem and Dillman does what he has to do to make sure the farmer gets what he needs. Whether it’s having an employee drop by to have a look at the machinery or ensuring he has a part on hand at one of his three Blueline locations bright and early the next morning. This old-time business practice has almost become obsolete, but Dillman has no intention of changing now, or ever.

Maybe growing up on his family’s farm in Elderbank, Nova Scotia, instilled Dillman with a good understanding of how important equipment is to a farmer or maybe he just wants to give his customers the service he’d like to get himself. Whatever the case, Dillmam knows that there is a small seasonal window for farmers and lost hours can mean lost profit, so he or one of his staff is available for phone calls 24-hours a day.

Dillman worked with Blueline and the previous owners, Eric and Jackie Bent for five years, until purchaing the company in 2014. He has two silent business partners and investors, well-known, local businessmen Stu Rath and John Lynn. Dillman is the General Manager and runs their three locations in Truro, Kentville and Lawrencetown.
“It has been a great opportunity to have John and Stu as partners. They have such an incredible business background.”

Dillman is quick to point out that Lynn-Marie Mattie, their new Director of Finance, has also been an invaluable addition to their team. In her previous accounting practice she managed some major, large accounts and has the experience needed to help drive Blueline New Holland to more future growth and improvement.

“The knowledge Lynn-Marie brings to the table will help drive us to greater success and also helps to free me up to focus on operations and sales.”

With three locations serving all of Nova Scotia and Southern New Brunswick, 40 employees and a hand-on approach to customer service, Dillman needs a good team to back him up.

Blueline New Holland carries top-quality equipment to meet the needs of farmers and homeowners. The product lines include New Holland, Pottinger, Mahindra, Cub Cadet, Penta, and WOODS. They also carry, Mahindra farm equipment. Mahindra became the largest selling tractor in the world in 2010 and although not as well known as some other lines, it’s number three in sales in the US (after John Deere and Kubota) and meets or exceeds the others on quality and price point.

Blueline also offers service on all of the products they sell, including full road mechanic service.

While Dillman and his partners have plans to grow the business, he is clear in his mission to never lose his capacity to offer that level of service his customers have come to rely on. He is quick to take the time to sit down and meet with his customers and get to know their specific needs.

“We are here to help the customers. Anyone can quote a number; we try to offer solutions to their needs. That’s really what we are trying to achieve, an attitude of yes we can and yes we will.”

Dillman lives in Enfield with his wife and three daughters. He is always quick to help the 4-H Club, haul the Food Bank float in the Christmas parade or do whatever he can to help out.

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